What is SEO, and more importantly what is it not?

11 Jul

What is it?

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Put simply, SEO is the combined evaluation and actions required to
improve ranking in search engines for a specific keyphrase. We feel it
can be broken up into two areas: On-Site and Off-Site.

On-Site Optimization

This is actually pretty simple; it’s just making sure your site is
telling the search engines the right stuff in the right way.  It’s more
than meta tags, and keyword stuffing.  We focus on good site structure
and interlinking text used on the site.

Off-Site Optimization

The other major ranking factor is how other sites are linking to you.
Sometimes no one is linking to you, and that’s no good.  We work hard
to find websites willing to link back to you in an optimized way.


What it’s Not

Sometimes we can explain it better this way

  • A Magic cure-all – It must be tailored and tuned to each individual site.
  • Spamming – It’s not buying traffic or tricking people into coming to your site.
  • It’s not going to save your business – If you’re in trouble, more traffic alone won’t turn things around.


Free Evaluation

Do we sound like some down to earth, honest fellas that you’d like to
take a look at your site?  Give us a call or email us, or leave a
comment below and we’ll give your website a good once over, on the


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