Promotional Methods

28 Jun

The Struggling Trade Show Industry
Infomercial Marketer Tries Old-School Advertising Approach
Foursquare Geo-Social Network Captures Marketer’s Attention
Readers and Advertisers Flee and Newspapers Wonder What to Do
New Research Journal Focuses on What Works Online and It’s Free!
Measurement Issues With Location-Based Video Networks
How Marketers Are Ambushing Event Sponsorship Restrictions
7 Reasons Why Selling to Manufacturers is Different than Selling to Resellers
Once Again Marketers Get a Whiff of Scent Marketing
Premium Chocolatier’s Positioning Strategy is About Emotion and Not Price
Research Report Has Cereal Marketers Playing Defense
How Companies Are Successful With Low-Cost Marketing Strategy
Marketers See Opportunity in iPhone Apps
Basics of Text Message Marketing and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Franchising
New Media Ratings Method, P&G Use Price Cutting Strategy, and Who is Using Coupons
All About Social Networks for Marketing
Word-of-Mouth Spending, Implication of Eye Tracking Research and Bratz Doll Maker Tries Again
Twitter as Marketing Tool and Perception in Pricing


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